Ausroads Stabilisers

Stabilisation Additives

There are various products available to add to pavements to meet different outcomes for different applications.

Lime Stabilisation is typically used in areas where there are inherent issues with the subgrade. The use of lime changes the chemical proberties of the soil resulting in better CBR’s effectively strengthening the subgrade which reduces the pavement depth again leading to better financial and environmental outcomes.

Cement Stabilisation is typically used in existing pavements to improve the strength of the pavement and repair road failures, a quick efficient solution in all roads built from quarried products.

Chemical Stabilisation offers other cost benefits as well as the reinforcing properties of lime and cement. Further by selecting the correct chemical in the right situation this form of stabilisation drastically reduces dust lift off from unsealed roads and haul roads, which eliminates a lot of issues with maintenance and dust suppression.

Foam Bitumen is advantageous in improving the strength of existing pavement materials which can replace importing of higher quality materials. Foam bitumen improves resistance to pavement fatigue, whilst still showing the strength characteristics of a cementitious blend. The use of foamed bitumen is effective in reducing the need for water, dust suppression and maintenance of unsealed roads during and after construction. Best used in roads built from quarried materials, foamed bitumen offers a quick, efficient solution which also includes environmental benefits through reduction in transport of materials, material wastage, noise, dust emissions and traffic disruptions.


Stabilisation Additives